SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh With Marksheet & Full Number: All Education Board

If you are searching for the SSC result 2024 for all education boards, you have landed at the right port! No matter if you are an examinee, examiner, or someone else, this article will be enough to give you a clear idea.SSC Result 2024 Will be published on 28 July 2024 at 12 PM.

The SSC exam started on 15th September, and you will get the result within 30 days after it’s over on 15th December. Please note, unless there is any unexpected barrier or casualty, this schedule won’t change.  There are 17, 66, 603 participants in this exam from all the education boards. 

SSC result 2022 Bangladesh

SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh All Education Board  

Here in this post, after giving a precise note on the SSC exam 2024, we will be covering several sections such as how to check SSC results, the list and codes of education boards of Bangladesh, the GPA (Grade Point Average) System, how to challenge board regarding SSC result, brief notion of every board, etc.

So let’s jump to get them in a few minutes! 

SSC Exam Notice 2024

It is up to the Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board to design and conduct SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination. On average, more than 1-2 Million students sit for the SSC exam. Generally, this exam takes place in the first week of February. However, due to Covid-effect, this year it started on 15th September and is set to continue till 15th December. 

All the education boards in Bangladesh will follow this decision. The result is expected to be published within 30 days after finishing. In this exam, there are 10 education boards and they are all going to participate following the schedule above. For your additional information, eight of them are General Education Board and the rest two are-

  • Vocational Education Board and 
  • Madrasah Education Board.

This year we have seen a record-breaking number of examinees – 17, 66, 603 in the SSC exam! So the board had to manage 3,512 centers which exceeded all the previous numbers too! The Ministry of Education,  Bangladesh also confirms that among them 12937 students didn’t participate in the examination, and 22 of them have been suspended for their illegal work.

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Let us have the details at once from the tables below –

Board Category and NameNumber 
Nine General Boards14, 16, 721
Technical Board1, 09, 416
Madrasah Board2, 40, 466
Male students8, 83, 363
Female students8, 83, 240
Total candidates17, 66, 603
Total Educational Institutions28,884
Total Exam Center3,565

SSC Exam Result Publish Day 2024 | Latest SSC Result Update News 2023

The SSC Exam was started from 15 June 2024 to 28 July 2024. Generally, the Result publishes after 30-45 days before the Exam Ending. So we are Expectation the SSC Result BD will be published on 28 July Month. More than 20.3 million students are going to attend exams this year. after the exam result are published. all education boards are taking preparation for that. Students are also waiting for their exams to finish and they want results as soon as possible. the education board also trying its best, and the board is making plans on how to do all the work in a timely.

You can check SSC Exam 2022 Latest Update from here

On the result day, our prime minister sheik Hasina will declare the result at 10 am .after that students can get their results at 2 pm. The result can be checked both online and in the appropriate centers. Furthermore, the Madrasha board’s SSC Vocational and Dakhil exams will also be released on the same day.

First I will discuss how to get the SSC result 2024 online and then SSC result 2024 via SMS. After that, I will discuss how to see the SSC result 2024 pdf. Here is a different method for getting your results swiftly, very easily. You will verify the result by consulting the education board’s archives.

You can get your result easily, read this article carefully, so let’s start.


How To Check SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh 

You will be glad to know that you have more than one option to check the result. Here in this part, we will describe them clearly. Get them one by one! 

How to Check SSC Result 2024 By Official Website?

  • Now go to the  “Examination” tab and choose “SSC/Dakhil”. 
  • In the  “Year” option, choose “2024”. 
  • Choose your education board from the “Board” tab. 
  • Type your SSC roll number on the “Roll” tab. 
  • Then go to the “Reg: No” tab to insert your SSC exam registration number.
  • After solving the numeric captcha (Example- 9+4=13), carefully review all information.
  • Click “SUBMIT’’ to get it done! 
Check this Video on how to check SSC Result 2024

How to Check SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh By Mobile SMS?

Here we go for another smarter way to get the SSC result for you. All you need to do is-

  • Send an SMS to 16222 from any operator. That’s it.
  • Alternatively, you may type this SMS – SSC (Space) Board Name (Space) Roll (Space) Year and Send To 16222 Number
  • As you can see this text includes only a few words. So it will cost around 2.5 BDT only. And the SMS format is – SSC <space> 1st Three Letters of Your Education Board name <space> Your 6 Digit of Roll Number <space> 2024 (Passing Year)
  • Then send the Message to 16222. 

SSC CHI 872509 2024 and just send directly to 16222

 Surely, you will have the result in the phone’s reply section. 

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Along with the result, you will get a confirmation SMS. However, don’t go typing this right now! Note that you have to wait till the announcement of the result! 

How to Check SSC Result 2024 By EIIN?

Let us clarify first what an EIIN is. Although as a learner of a school, the chances are very high that you are familiar with this. EIIN stands for Educational Institution Identification Number. out to the site above for your SSC result 2024 by providing EIIN. 

SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh PDF Download

The education board publishes the result on the website. before publishing the result the education board will tell us if they publish any pdf files of the SSC result 2024 for all education boards.

List and Codes of Education Boards of Bangladesh 

1. Dhaka Education Board (DHA) 

2. Jessore Education Board (JES) 

3. Barisal Education Board (BAR) 

4. Rajshahi Education Board (RAJ) 

5. Chittagong Education Board (CHI) 

6. Dinajpur Education Board (DIN) 

7. Mymensingh Education Board ()

8. Comilla Education Board (COM) 

9. Sylhet Education Board 

10. Madrasah Board (MAD) 

11. Technical Board (TEC) 

SSC Result 2024 with Full Marksheet

The SSC result 2024 will come out with a full marksheet. You can access your SSC result including the total marksheet through the site below: 

Check the SSC result with marksheet here

Along with the SSC, Dakhil and SSC Vocational Results 2024 will be published on the same date. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh inaugurated the result publishing activities. Education Minister Dipu Moni and Deputy Education Minister participated in the program. 

Learn Exactly About GPA (Grade Point Average) System SSC Exam 2023

The table below will let you know the subject-wise marks range, CGPA or grade and grade point of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam. 

Marks RangeGrade/CGPAGrade Point
0–32 0
40–49 C2
50–59 B3

A Brief Description of Different Boards of the SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh

As a candidate or guardian of a candidate, you might be from any board. So let us give you some useful information that may benefit your search for the SSC result 2024 Bangladesh. 

SSC Result 2024 Dhaka Board

Formally, it is known as The Board of Secondary Education, Dhaka. In the entire Dhaka Division, this board is the administrator of all public schools except for English-medium schools and Madrasas. The Dhaka Education Board was established on 7 May 1921. 

This year, we have seen an increase in SSC examinees on the Dhaka board. It is one of the best boards in Bangladesh in terms of results. A number of well-earning, well-educated, well-facilitated people live in Dhaka with their children. So these children perform better than that of other boards. 

Check Details SSC Result 2022 Dhaka Board

SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board 

Interestingly, it is the most popular board in our country. In terms of diversity, the Board of Secondary Education, Chittagong is unique. Examinees from different cultures participate and do great in SSC results. It was established in 1995. Here cultural diversity is a reason for good competition and results. 

Check Details information on SSC Result 2022 Chittagong Board

SSC Result 2024 Rajshahi Board 

It was established in 1961. The journey of the Board of Secondary Education, Rajshahi began in 1961. Rajshahi is famous as an Education City. Overall, Rajshahi is full of bright, decent learners. They are one of the toppers in SSC results. 

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Also, Check your SSC Result 2022 Rajshahi Board

SSC Result 2024 Barisal Board 

This board is autonomous. It not only holds the SSC exam and publishes results but is also in power to recognize newly established non-government educational institutions. The Board of Secondary Education in Barisal began its journey in 1999. In SSC results, it becomes a challenge for other boards.

Here is Your SSC Result 2022 Barishal Board 

SSC Result 2024 Comilla Education Board 

The Board of Secondary Education of Comilla was established in 1962. In SSC results, sometimes it even beats the Dhaka board! Like an autonomous body, it holds SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examinations and publishes the results of all these district students. 

Here is SSC Result 2022 Comilla Board with Marksheet

SSC Result 2024 Jessore Education Board 

Though it is named as Jessore board, it was formed to hold, organize, regulate, and supervise the SSC exam and the result of the Khulna division. It recognizes the newly established non-government educational institutions and holds and performs very well in SSC and HSC exam results. It was established in 1963. 

Check SSC Result 2022 Jessore Board with Marksheet

SSC Result 2024 Mymensingh Education Board 

This board is established in August 2024. Despite being new, it is highly potential to do well in SSC results as dozens of great educational institutions are there. Presently, the Mymensingh Education Board comprises 1800 recognized and 228 temporarily recognized schools. A number of meritorious students in different universities come from this arena.

Check SSC Result 2022 Mymensingh Board with Marksheet

SSC Result 2024 Sylhet Education Board

The Board of Secondary Education, Sylhet was established in 1999. This autonomous body provides quality education and is responsible for holding SSC and HSC examinations. Learners of this board ensure expected results and tend to go to the United Kingdom more. 

Read More Details about SSC Result 2022 Sylhet Board

SSC Result 2024 Dinajpur Education Board 

This board has been created by separating from Rajshahi Education Board. Its journey started in 2006 and competed well with the Rajshahi board in SSC results. It is in charge of organizing, regulating, supervising, controlling, and developing Secondary level public examinations. 

Check Your SSC Result 2022 Dinajpur Board with Marksheet

Dakhil/SSC Result 2024 Madrasah Board 

Dakhil is equivalent to SSC. This board is familiar as both- Alia Madrasah Education Board and Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. Independently, it started its function in 1979. Hundreds of talents come from the Madrasa board. Every year, they grab all the top departments of the top Bangladeshi universities based on their outstanding Dakhil results. 

Check Your Dakhail or SSC Result 2022 Madrasah Board

Vocational Board SSC Result 2024

It is known as Bangladesh Technical Education Board. This board monitors and develops technical and vocational education at the secondary level (SSC). This year students are more hopeful to bring good results. A number of learners of this board get into the professional world after passing SSC. 

Check your SSC Vocational Board Result 2022

How to Challenge the Board Regarding SSC Result 2024?

It may become urgent for you to challenge the board’s result. The published result might be doubtful. No worries, this has a solution too. In such a case, you need to follow the steps below! 

  • Use your Teletalk SIM and go to its message option. 
  • Now type RSC<space>First three letters of your education board<space>Roll Number<space>Subject Code and send it to 16222 (Demo: RSC CHI 972563 511)
  • Shortly, you will get a PIN in the reply section along with the challenge fee. Enter the message option again if you want to proceed. 
  • Then type RSC<space>Yes<space>PIN<space>Your Phone Number and send that to 16222. (Demo: RSC YES 1234 01xxxxxxxxx ) 
  • Do you need to challenge more than one subject? Then text all the subject codes in the same SMS by using a comma. 
  • Pay around 125 BDT to challenge a subject. And if you challenge both papers of the same subject, you will have to pay double. 
  • The respective education board will re-scrutinize your answer sheets after you complete the process. The board will fix the problem according to your claim and republish the corrected result if it really exists. Then you can check your SSC result regularly. 

Go to SSC Board Challenge Result and process

The Final Say 

Hopefully, now you have all the necessary information about the SSC result 2024 for all education boards. Stay closer to our page for any authentic updates. 

Stay good!

Stay safe! 

FAQ About SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh

Question: When will the SSC Result 2024 be published? 

Answer: SSC Result 2024 will be published on 28 July 2024 Friday

Question: How to get the SSC exam 2024 result by SMS? 

Answer: Type SSC <space> 1st Three Letters of Your Education Board name <space> Your 6 Digit of Roll Number <space> 2024 (Passing Year) and send to 16222.

Question: How to get the SSC exam 2024 result with a full mark sheet?

Answer: Visit the website and input and submit the necessary information. You will have your result with the marksheet instantly. 

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