Silver Price in Bangladesh 2024 Today November | Latest Silver Price in Bangladesh Per Gram,Vori,OZ 

Are you interested in more details about the silver price in Bangladesh in 2024? You have the right article to know about the silver rate in Bangladesh. we will share with you the live rate of silver. In this article, you will know the exact live price of silver from the official website and market analysis.

 Silver is among the most traded commodities in the world. Bangladesh is no exception and silver, along with Silver, forms about 10% of all commodities imported to the country. Silver rates today are directly affected by the commodity’s global demand and supply scenario. So the Silver price is important for global and country economies. Please stay with the article if you are really interested to know about 1 vori silver price in Bangladesh,52.5 tola silver price in Bangladesh, and Silver Price in Bangladesh today. 

Latest Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

QuantitySilver Rate
1 KilogramBDT 67,795.15
1 OunceBDT 2,108.66
1 TolaBDT 790.75
10 GramsBDT 677.95
1 GramBDT 67.80
Latest Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

Today’s Silver Price in Bangladesh Per Vori

Last Saturday ( June 2024 ) the highest price of Silver reached 1701 takas. Which is beyond the reach of all Silver traders and buyers. So the Todays Silver price in Bnalgesh per vori is 1700 BDT.

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However, even before this, on 20 March 2024, local bullion market prices were said to increase. Not only that but on this pretext, Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) increased the price of Silver by 166 BDT. Please check the table to get the actual price. 

Product NameDescriptionPrice
Today’s Silver Price in Bangladesh Per Vori
Date26 April 2024
Price1705 BDT
Today’s Silver Price in Bangladesh Per Vori

Today’s Silver Price in Bangladesh Per Gram Today

In this part, I will discuss the silver price in Bangladesh per gram today. We have collected the data from the BJUS website. There are different types of silver like 22 karat, 21 karat, and 18 karat. 

Today’s Silver Price in Bangladesh Per Gram Today

Silver Price in Bangladesh per OZ

OZ Stands for the ounce. 1 Ounce =28.3495 grams. In this part, you will know the Silver Price in Bangladesh Per OZ ( Ounce)

Silver rate Bangladesh Silver Price in  Bangladesh Per OzSilver Prices [BDT]in Bangladeshi taka
Spot Silver per OZ2,671
(958) Britannian Silver Price per Ounce2,560
(925) Sterling Silver Price per Oz2,471
(916) 22K Silver Price per Ounce2,447
(875) 21K Silver Price per Ounce2,337
(800) Jewelry Silver Price per Ounce2,137
(585) 14K Silver Price per Oz1,563
Today’s Silver Price in Bangladesh Per Gram Today

Silver Price in Bangladeshi Taka

Silver Rate in BDTBangladeshi takaRate/BDT
silver rate: ozSpot Silver Price2 671.76
silver gram rateSilver Price per Gram85.91
silver kg rateSilver Price per KG85 908.63
silver price tolaSilver Price per Tola1 002.02
sterling silver priceSterling Silver Price79.47
pennyweight silver price (dwt)Silver Price in Pennyweight133.6029
Today’s Silver Price in Bangladesh Per Gram Today

Silver Price Trends in Bangladesh

Date1 Gram1 Kilogram
24-Apr-2024, Mon AMBDT 67.80BDT 67,795.15
23-Apr-2024, Sun AMBDT 68.13BDT 68,133.72
22-Apr-2024, Sat AMBDT 68.13BDT 68,133.72
21-Apr-2024, Fri AMBDT 68.13BDT 68,133.72
20-Apr-2024, Thu AMBDT 68.80BDT 68,797.31
19-Apr-2024, Wed AMBDT 67.04BDT 67,036.75
18-Apr-2024, Tue AMBDT 67.96BDT 67,957.66
17-Apr-2024, Mon AMBDT 68.77BDT 68,770.23
16-Apr-2024, Sun AMBDT 70.49BDT 70,490.16
15-Apr-2024, Sat AMBDT 70.49BDT 70,490.16
14-Apr-2024, Fri AMBDT 70.49BDT 70,490.16
13-Apr-2024, Thu AMBDT 69.39BDT 69,393.20
12-Apr-2024, Wed AMBDT 68.11BDT 68,106.63
11-Apr-2024, Tue AMBDT 67.86BDT 67,862.86
Silver Price Trends in Bangladesh

Silver Price in Bangladesh Calculation With Gram, Ounce & Vori

When you are thinking of buying Silver or want to get a detailed idea about the price of Silver, it is important to know how Silver is calculated. That is, how many grams is a variable or how many annas of Silver is a vori, and accordingly, the price is or what.

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When you want to calculate you must know the exact calculation details. So, Know the exact calculation that is usually used for  Silver:

  • 1 Vori = 16 Ana
  • 1 Vori = 64.07 Ratti.
  • 1 Vori = 11.664 gram
  • 1 Gram = 1.37 Aana and 5.49 Ratti.
  • 1 Ounce = 2.43 vori
  • 1 Ounce = 31.1034768 Gram

How to buy Silver in Bangladesh: Ultimate Guideline. 

We all have when it comes to buying Silver. And even if we want to buy Silver for that purpose, we have doubts. right? Silver will be good. Or whether to stay, different thoughts come to mind. So let’s know some tips:

  • Even if it is difficult while buying, try to buy good quality i.e. 22k Silver.
  • When it comes to buying Silver, always buy from well-known and good sources.
  • Check whether the hallmark is provided at the time of purchase. For example check the 750 ppt hallmarks or Ag’, ‘Au’ etc.
  • Always take money receipts from the shop while buying Silver.
  • Be aware of the Silver return policy.
  • Moreover, you can also check whether there is any kind of guarantee card for buying Silver. It has less risk.

Also, Read,


Even though buying Silver is our jewelry, it is the wealth of the family. So we are more or less keen to buy Silver. And for this, I am anxious to know the Silver price in Bangladesh 2024 at different times. And for this purpose, we have tried to inform you about the current price of Silver. But even if it is updated again after that, we are for you. So stay with us to get all the updates.

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What is the market price of Silver in Bangladesh today?

Today, the Silver price per gram in Bangladesh is BDT 67.80, today’s Silver rate per kilogram in Bangladesh is BDT 67,795.15, Silver cost per ounce today in Bangladesh is BDT 2,108.66, today’s Silver price per tola in Bangladesh is BDT 790.75.

What will be the future Silver Price in Bangladesh?

Ans: The Future silver price in Bangladesh will be high at least 200 BDT per gram. 

What was the highest and lowest Silver rate across Bangladesh in the last 3 months?

Did you know, BDT 54.41 was the lowest Silver rate in Bangladesh retail market per gram in the last 3 months which was on 10-Mar-2024, while the highest market Silver price in Bangladesh per gram was recorded on 14-Apr-2024, which was as high as BDT 70.49. The market Silver rate today in Bangladesh is BDT 67.80 per gram.

What is the current price of Silver Bars, Biscuits and Coins in Bangladesh?

1 Ounce (99.9%) Silver Bar price in Bangladesh is BDT 2,108.66 and 1 Sovereign (99.9%) Silver Coin rate in Bangladesh is BDT 542.36. 1 Kilogram pure Silver Bar (99.9%) price in Bangladesh is BDT 67,795.15 and 10 Tolas pure Silver Biscuit (99.9%) rate in Bangladesh is BDT 7,907.49.

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