Martyred Intellectuals Day 2022-(14 December Bangladesh )| Shohid buddhijibi Dibos 2022

This year, Martyred Intellectuals Day is observed on Wednesday, 14 December Bangladesh. The day is historical and remarkable because 1,000 intellectuals have killed by Pakistan forces during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Just when Success was on the horizon, Pakistan captured and brutally killed some of the best minds in Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan). The plane was to destroy the entire intellectual class of Bangladesh. Martyred Intellectuals Day indicates that if you want to destroy a country, first destroy its intellectuals. The world never forgets the efforts and bravery of these exceptional individuals and the systematic killing of Bangladeshi intellectuals.

History of 14 December Bangladesh – Martyred Intellectuals Day

The darkest day of Bangladesh’s history starts when India’s Independence from Britain in 1947. The British are more responsible to make the darkest history for Bangladesh.

They have broken the nation of the subcontinent into two nations:  India and Pakistan, both literally and figuratively. The division is based on purely religion. The Muslim-majority regions became Pakistan.

Pakistan faced an impossible difficulty when India started building the foundations for a secular republic. The majority of people of East Pakistan are followed by Muslim Religion like West Pakistan. But The people of East Pakistan were separated from the people of West Pakistan culturally, socially, and linguistically.

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West Pakistan wanted to control the two territories, but East Pakistan did not agree on it. On the other hand, West Pakistan refused to accept the Bangle language as a state language. It was an insult to Bengali and their culture. So the economic disparity became difficult between East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and West Pakistan.

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The Awami League Party based in East Pakistan won the elections that were held in March 1971 in West Pakistan. Yet, the Pakistan People’s Party (West Pakistan based) refused to hand over the Power. Brutality ensued. The West Pakistan army attacked the people of East Pakistan. And in that way, the Bangladesh Liberation War was sparked.

Finally, West Pakistan push a strong force to East Pakistan because they knew they will defeat the people of West Pakistan. West Pakistan set a plan and On December 14, 1971, the army abducted scores of East Pakistani intellectuals from their homes. They tortured and killed over 1000 people — namely, teachers, doctors, engineers, journalists, lawyers, and scientists.

Just two days later, East Pakistan became independent and formed Bangladesh on 16 December. In the history of Bangladesh lost, a group of intellectual minds that never forgot the world. As a result, 14 December was established Martyred intellectual day.

Shohid Buddhijibi Dibos Kobita 2022

After the independence of Bangladesh, December 14 was declared Martyr Intellectuals Day. And is celebrated with great importance. Young poet Sharif Ahmad has written several rhymes about Martyr Intellectuals Day.

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Bud’dhijībī śahīda dibasa 

ābāra ēlō āja dēśajuṛē

haẏa kata kichu 

bandha yēna kāja.‌

14 December Bangladesh Martyred Intellectuals Day Timeline

  • March 25, 1971, was a systematic operation of 7,000 innocent Bengali civilians.
  • December 8, 1971, The struggle for Bangladesh was boosted and a curfew is imposed in Dhaka.
  • December 10, 1971, West Pakistan concludes plans to destroy East Pakistan by targeting its intellectuals.
  • December 14, 1971, West Pakistan armies brutally capture, tortured, and kill at least 1,000 East Pakistan intellectuals.

How to Observe Martyred Intellectual Day

To observe martyred intellectual day, you can do some special activities. You can find more information about the 14 December

  • Visit the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial
  • Read, and read some more
  • Watch a documentary or film

Why Martyred  Intellectual Day Is Important

Important depends on its specialty so 14 December martyred intellectual day has a great important.

  • We never forget the sacrifices of brilliant minds.
  • Respect for those families who lost their intellectual forever.
  • Wars are fought in different ways.

Final Word 

What is the result of the sacrifices of intellectual and dedicated hearts in the history of Bangladesh? We need to respect those families who lost their near and dearest beloved on 14 December 1971. As if it is a memorable day, we should respect the day in the mind and observe the day with a sense of the martyred intellectual day. It is our duty to reveal the actual history to the next generation. Our mission is to help you with this post. Thank you to honor and read the post.

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Is December 14th an important day?

Definitely, it is an important day in the history of Bangladesh. We lost the intellectuals at this time and after that, we won the victory.

Who are called Martyred Intellectuals?

Martyred Intellectuals expresses the brightest minds of Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) killed by Pakistan forces during the Liberation War in 1971. They are philosophers, teachers, litterateurs, artists, journalists, scientists, architects, engineers, lawyers, social workers, activists, musicians, and actors.

Is December 14th a special day?

it is a special day in the history of Bangladesh. Winning our victory, the intellectuals sacrifice their lives for us, and we belong to an independent country with our culture and society.

How many intellectuals died in 1971?

The unofficial record shows that at least 1,111 intellectuals lost their lives on 25 March and 14 December 1971. 

Where is the Martyred Intellectuals memorial?

Martyred Intellectuals Memorial stands in Dhaka’s Rayerbazar. The memorial stands at the site of the brick kilns where people discovered the bodies of the intellectuals.

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