Lunar New Year 2024- All About Lunar New Year | Chinese New Year 2024

Take your Special red shirt! It is time to observe Lunar new year 2024, also known as the Chinese new year or Spring festival. New Year is knocking your front door, so saying goodbye to the year of the Tiger. We are waiting for entering the year of the Rabbit on January 22, 2024. Millions of families all over the world have taken their preparation to celebrate one of the year’s biggest and excited festivals. About 2 billion of people all over the world will celebrate Lunar New Year in this year. It comes actually with a lot of work and basically the decoration of houses and yards in a special celebration mood.

Sometimes festivals take 15 days at that period of time and different tasks and activities take place.

If you are a newbie about Lunar New Year, Here is the information about what is the most common tradition of celebrating spring festivals or what is the duration of the Lunar new year, and so on.

Let’s read together to gather knowledge.

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What is the meaning Lunar New Year 2024?

In this part, we will focus on what is the actual meaning of Lunar New Year 2024? Lunar New Year is a celebration of new year on the lunisolar calendar. It is also called Spring festivals because it occurs to warm up Spring. Lunar new year has a great significant in China and also important to the people of South Korea, Vietnam, and countries with Chinese population. Most of the people know that it is Chinese New Year. Lunar New Year holiday has a great impact in China. This holiday is considered as the reunion time with the friends and family.

Do you know how as Chinese are celebrating lunar new year? Read the next step to know lunar new year celebration.

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Lunar New Year Celebration 2024

Do you want to know about Lunar New Year Celebration 2024? Lunar new year celebration is varying from other new year celebration. Festival mood stay 15 days and different tasks and activities take place at that period. The festival begins with the preparation before a week ago ahead of the lunar new year. These are following

15th January: Preparation

  • The people who will celebrate Lunar new year have made festive cakes and pudding on the 14th day of last lunar month.
  • The festive cake’s name is “gao” in Mandarin,” “gou” in Cantonese. 
  • Eating the festive cakes is to believe in, lead to improvements and growth in the coming year.
  • Lunar new year preparation is not complete without hanging red banners bearing auspicious phrases and idioms at home. Basically, it hangs on the front doors of ones

19th January: The Ultimate cleanup

The ultimate cleanup has a great significant with lunar new year. On the 18th day of lunar last month, a big cleanup is done in homes.

Do you know why?

  • The aim of this clean up is related to your bad luck so clean up refers to rid your home from bad luck.
  • There are plenty of rules and traditions attached to luanar new year.
  • For example, dont wash or cut your hair on the first day of new year. Hair carries a significant meaning in chinese tradition. They think hair is related to prosper so if the cut or wash hair at the first day of new year they wash out their fortune away.
  • Chinese are aware of purchasing footwear for the entire lunar month because it can a sing of lost.

21nd January (Lunar New Year Eve): The Big feast

  • Lunar new year is the time of reunion with family and friends. People are waiting for the holiday and they meet with their family and greeting warmly in a festival period of time.
  • They maintain to prepared delicious and significant dishes that are related with their luck for the family and friends. Including fish, pudding, basically gold like food they like to eat in the feast.
  • The big feast varies from north to south. For example, north Chinese like to eat dumplings and noodles and southern Chinese like to eat steamed rice.
  • Reunion dinner table is arranged with Rice cake, steamed fish, Noodles,dumplings, sweet noodles dumplings.

22nd January (Lunar New Year): Family Visit

  • Basically the first two days are the time of family visit and one’s show his or her stamina, appetite, social skill and most people try to visit to their near and dearest family and friends.
  • Bag full of fruits and gifts for the person of the family and relatives. They share their gift with watch other to show the treats of lunar new year.
  • It is said that married people have to give out red envelopes to those who haven’t yet tied the knot. These envelopes can protect children from evil spirits called xie-sui. These envelopes are known as yasui qian, ngaat seoi cin, and have the intent of warding off those spirits.
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24th January: Chi kou/Cek hau, or Red Mouth

  • It is believe that on the lunar 3rd day there is a chance of argument so people visit temples and avoid social interaction in this day.
  • It is also said that every year Chinese zodiac signs encounter stars negatively. So visiting a templet is a  good sing of avoiding conflicts and bring peace in the upcoming year. 

28th January: The people’s Birthday

  • It is said that the seventh day of the lunar new year has a great significant to the Chinese because the the Chinese mother goddess, Nuwa, created humanity. So it is consider the birthday of people.
  • People of Asia who celebrates lunar new year have made birthday food on the day. 
  • For example “Prosperity Toss” consisted of  raw fish and shredded vegetables, whereas Cantonese people will eat sweet rice balls.

5th February:Lantern Festival

  • It is the final day of lunar new year fastival basically the 15th day of new year.
  • According to Chinese society in this day the girls are allowing to go out to admire the lanterns and meet boys as a result it is considered Chinese Valentine’s Day.
  • But at this time  cities worldwide still put on massive lantern displays at the final day.
  • After completing the celerabration are you interested to discover the animal what is attested this lunar new year. Lets read the next section.

What animal is this Lunar New Year 2024?

In this section, we will see how many animals have in The Chinese Zodiac and which animal comes in front in this lunar new year. There are-Rabbit, Rat, Tiger, Ox, Horse, Dragon, Dog, Pig, Monkey, Snack. Goat, Roster.

The Chinese Zodiac animal is Rabbit in this Lunar new year. It is also called “black rabbit year”.12  chinese Zodiac animals are change with five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water on its own this Luner new year.

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Each year, a unique animal and element combination is presented. During this year, it’s possible to feel how it’s a year for change and for new things.

This year we are in the water rabbit year, which known to all is “|Black Rabbit” .

In Chinese tradition, the water color is actually black and the symbolical meaning of water is plenty of fortune so “Black rabbit also comes with a plenty of fortune in the lunar new year.

After completing the symbolic meaning of Lunar new year, do you want to know How long is Lunar New Year take time.

How long is Lunar New Year?

To the Chines population, Lunar New year holiday is the most important holiday and a long holiday in the year. The Lunar New Year holiday is 15 days.It is the time of preparation before and after Lunar new year day. So during the holiday people are to busy not only passing the days but also a lot of traditional activities and rules takes place in the home during the holidays.

What Food do you eat in the Lunar New Year?

22th January 2024 is considered as the year of the rabbit and they have prepared special dishes to celebrate Lunar New year 2024. The food for new year has symbolical meaning.

  • Dumplings, representing family and prosperity.
  • Long noodles, representing longevity. 
  • Sticky rice, or glutinous rice, is often formed into balls to symbolize completeness as well as mimic rounded money.
  • Fish, especially whole fish, represents surplus and abundance.
  • Mandarin oranges and tangerines, which are believed to bring good luck and happiness.

After completing the food of Lunar New year, are you interested to know the symbols of Lunar New Year that is important in Chinese tradition? Read the next section.

Lunar New Year symbols

In this part, we will discuss the Lunar New Year symbol in a details. Every one know that Lunar New Year is also known as the spring festivals and in this year it is called The rabbit year and you will know what is the symbol of rabbit year.

  • Red Envelops
  • Fu Character
  • Zodiac Animals
  • Fish
  • Fireworks and Firecrackers
  • Lantern
  • Spring Couplet

People are like to decorate their front door and house with the symbol of Lunar New Year.


We are at the end of our post, we have tried to illustrate the Lunar New year by our post. You will be able to know what is the actual meaning of Lunar New Year, the symbol and food and finally which animal and elements have combine in this Lunar New year. Our mission is to help you. If you want to know any question, you will ask in our comment box. No more today and wish you Happy Lunar New Year!


Q. Is the lunar and Chinese New Year the same?

Ans. Yes, the Lunar and the Chines New year is the same.

Q. Who celebrates the Lunar New Year?

Ans. Chinese population all over the world celebrates the Lunar New Year.

Q. Which country has Lunar New Year?

Ans. East Asia. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea

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