HSC Subject List and Subject Code in Bangladesh 2022

Are you looking for the HSC Subject List and Subject Code in Bangladesh 2022? Then this article is for you. There are three groups of the HSC exam in Bangladesh. 

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts. 

Today’s post is a list of HSC subjects along with the subject codes. I’ll give you the list of subjects and subject codes for the Science, Commerce, and Arts groups. So read this article carefully to know the subject and subject codes of the HSC exam.

HSC (Science, arts, commerce) Subject List 

A total of twenty-three subjects fall under the three groups. There is almost every subject with two parts, for example- Bangla 1st paper and Bangla 2nd paper. 

Among those, some subjects are compulsory and some subjects are according to group. 

All groups include compulsory subjects, which consist of two parts. The compulsory subjects for science, arts, and commerce groups are Bangla and English.  

Students in Bangladesh refer to the Business Management Group as the Commerce Group and the Humanity Group as the Arts Group.

Below is the list of all the subjects for the HSC exam for the convenience of all the students. I hope it will be helpful for you. 

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HSC Subject List: 

  • Bangla 
  • English
  • Information & Communication Technology 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry 
  • Biology 
  • Higher Math
  • Statistics
  • Finance, Banking, and Insurance 
  • Business organization and management 
  • Accounting 
  • Production Management and Marketing 
  • Economics 
  • Psychology 
  • logic 
  • Sociology 
  • Social Work
  • Geography 
  • Agricultural Education
  • Higher Math
  • Biology 
  • Studies of Islam 
  • Home Science 

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HSC Compulsory Subject list for all groups 

There are a few compulsory subjects for the HSC. Students from every group have to study these subjects. There are a total of three compulsory subjects, including two parts in the HSC. 

The list of compulsory subjects for all groups of HSC is given below.

  1. Bangla 1st Paper & 2nd Paper
  2. English 1st Paper & 2nd Paper 
  3. ICT 

HSC Compulsory Subject code for all groups 

HSC has total five compulsory subject. The subjects are Bangla 1st Paper & 2nd Paper. English 1st Paper & 2nd Paper, and ICT. The subject codes are given below in the box. 

Subject Name1st paper2nd paper
Bangla 101102
HSC Subject List and Subject Code

HSC Subject list And Subject Code for Science Group 

There are elective subjects for the HSC Science group. The compulsory subjects for Science, among all the subjects are physics and chemistry. Other subjects are higher mathematics and biology. Statistics or agriculture can be substituted for the 4th subject. If any student wants to change any subject between higher mathematics and biology, then one can take agriculture or statistics as a 4th subject. 

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Here is the list of HSC subject list and subject code

Subject Name1st Paper Code2nd Paper Code
Higher Mathematics265266
Agricultural Education139140

In the science group, 7 subjects have to be selected. Among them, 3 subjects are compulsory, 3 subjects are science, and 1 subject is the 4th subject. 

HSC Subject list And Subject Code for Arts Group 

The subjects of the HSC arts group are like those of the science group because they are also elective subjects. There are some subjects that are compulsory. Students of the arts group have to study them. and some subjects are used as 4th subjects. 

The HSC subject list and subject code for the Arts group are given in the table below. Let’s take a look at the table.  

Subject Name1st Paper Code2nd Paper Code
Social Work271272
Agricultural Education 239240
Islamic history and Culture267268
Civics and Governance269270

HSC Subject list And Subject Code for commerce Group 

In the commerce group, students have to study a total of seven subjects. Among the subjects, three are compulsory, three are commerce, and one is the fourth subject. Those are elective subjects. Here you will find the commerce group subjects and subject codes. 

From the table, you can see the name of the HSC subject list and subject code for the commerce group. Let’s see the table. 

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Subject Name1st Paper Code2nd Paper Code
Accounting 253254
Finance, Banking and Insurance292293
Production Management and Marketing286287
Business organization and Management 277278
Home Science273274


We hope that after reading this article, students of all HSC groups will know the subject list and subject codes (Science, Arts, and Commerce). You will get all the necessary info about HSC subject names and subject codes. 

If you are an HSC student, you should focus on your study. The HSC exam is very near. Everything you needed to know about the HSC subject name list and subject codes (Science, Arts, and Commerce) is in this article. 

If you have any questions about this matter, you can ask the question in the comment box. Thanks for reading this article. 


Question: How many groups are there in HSC?

Answer: There are Three groups in HSC. They are Science, Arts, And Commerce. 

Question: How many compulsory subjects in each group? 

Answer: There are three compulsory subjects in each group. They are Bangla, English and ICT. 

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