Gold Price in India 2024 February | Today Update For 22K, 21K,18K Of Indian Gold Price

The gold price in India (1st February 2024) is around 78 thousand Rupees per vori. Gold holds a special place in Indian culture and traditions. It is not only considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity but also holds immense sentimental value. Indians have a deep-rooted love for gold, making India one of the largest consumers of gold in the world.

Latest Gold Price in India

The price of gold in India fluctuates based on various factors such as international market trends, currency exchange rates, and local demand. The price is generally quoted per gram or per 10 grams. It is important for individuals to stay updated with the daily gold prices to make informed decisions.

Gold is Price in India


Gold Price Today in Indian City

Gold RateGold Rate In BangaloreGold Rate In ChennaiGold Rate In DelhiGold Rate In HyderabadGold Rate In Mumbai
22 Carat₹58,500₹47,927₹58,650₹58,500₹58,500
24 Carat₹63,820₹52,285₹63,970₹63,820₹63,820

Current Gold Rates

Here are the current gold rates in India:

GramsDaily PriceChange
1 gram₹6,268₹0
8 grams₹50,144₹0
10 grams₹62,680₹0
100 grams₹6,26,800₹0
Gold Price in India

Latest Gold Price In India (15 Days)

DatePure Gold (24K)Standard Gold (22K)% Change
31 January 2024₹ 62,680₹ 57,420+0.12%
30 January 2024₹ 62,610₹ 57,350+0.16%
29 January 2024₹ 62,520₹ 57,260+0.32%
28 January 2024₹ 62,310₹ 57,0800%
27 January 2024₹ 62,310₹ 57,0800%
26 January 2024₹ 62,310₹ 57,0800%
25 January 2024₹ 62,310₹ 57,080-0.44%
24 January 2024₹ 62,590₹ 57,330+0.37%
23 January 2024₹ 62,360₹ 57,120-0.05%
22 January 2024₹ 62,390₹ 57,1500%
21 January 2024₹ 62,390₹ 57,1500%
20 January 2024₹ 62,390₹ 57,1500%
19 January 2024₹ 62,390₹ 57,150+0.69%
18 January 2024₹ 61,970₹ 56,760-0.51%
17 January 2024₹ 62,280₹ 57,0500%

Where to Check Gold Prices?

There are several reliable sources to check the gold prices in India. Some of the popular websites include:

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Gold Price Comparison: India vs USA

Many people wonder if gold is cheaper in the USA compared to India. It is essential to understand that gold prices are influenced by various factors, including import duties and taxes imposed by different countries.

While gold prices may vary between countries, it is advisable to do thorough research and consider other associated costs, such as transportation and customs duties, before making any purchase decision.

Buying Indian Gold Jewelry in USA vs India

If you are considering buying Indian gold jewelry in the USA or India, it is essential to compare prices, designs, and authenticity. While the Indian market offers a wide range of traditional designs, the USA market may have a different variety to suit local preferences.

It is recommended to visit reputable jewelry stores and conduct thorough research before making any purchase to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Check Gold price in Bangladesh also.

Frequently Asked Questions For Gold Is Price In India

What Is The Price Of 24 Carat Gold In India?

The price of 24 carat gold in India is INR 6,268 per gram. The price remains the same for 8 grams, 10 grams, and 100 grams as well. You can check the current gold rates on reliable websites such as Goodreturns, Moneycontrol, The Economic Times, and BankBazaar.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds also provides real-time gold prices in India.

What Is 22k Gold Rate Today In India?

The current gold rate for 22K gold in India is ₹6,268 per gram.

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What Is The Price Of 1 Tola Gold In India?

As of today, the price of 1 Tola gold in India is approximately 62,680 Indian Rupees.


Gold continues to be a popular investment and adornment choice in India. Being aware of the current gold prices and market trends can help individuals make informed decisions when buying or selling gold. It is always advisable to check multiple reliable sources and compare prices before making any purchase.

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