Gold Price In Bangladesh 2024 March | Today Update For 22K, 21K,18K Of Gold Price

Do you want to know about Today’s(18 March 2024) gold price in Bangladesh? The Gold price in Bangladesh Today is 100,350 BDT per 1 Bhori due to Ramadan in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Gold Price per Gram: 6,720.74 Bangladeshi takas (BDT) today. This is the latest update from the BJUS notice in Bangladesh 2024. We have a soft corner for Gold and have also a lot of interest in Gold prices in Bangladesh. Though need not buy gold we have an interest in Gold Price In Bangladesh. Right?

So, we are here to inform you of the actual Gold Price In Bangladesh 2024 updates. In this article, we have given the exact Gold Price In Bangladesh 2024 update of 22K, 21K, and 18K gold. netresultbd provides gold prices today in Bangladesh. Gold rates per gram 24K,22K,18K,14K; gold price per ounce and gold price per tola.

Today’s Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori

Today is the highest price of gold reached 1 Lakh 650 takas. Which is beyond the reach of all gold traders and buyers. And in this phase, 3 thousand 835 takas have been increased in a new way.

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However, even before this, on 29 September 2024, local bullion market prices were said to increase. Not only that but on this pretext, the Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) increased the price of gold by 5 thousand 166 takes.

Date18 March 2024
Gold Price in Vori100,350 BDT
Today’s Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori

Gold Rate in Bangladesh: 24-hour live

GRAMS BangladeshGold Price per Gram HighLowChange
1 GRAM GOLD 24K6,8746,883.716,853.4221.39
GRAM 22K6,311.6,319.256,291.4419.63
GRAM 21K6,0156,023.255,996.7518.71
GRAM 18K5,1565,162.785,140.0716.04
GRAM 14K4,0214,026.974,009.2512.51
GRAM 10K2,8662,870.512,857.888.92
GRAM 6K1,7181,720.931,713.365.35
Gold Rate in Bangladesh: 24-hour live

Bangladesh Gold Rate Today Per Gram: Highest Gold Rate Ever in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Gold Price per Gram: 6,720.94 Bangladeshi takas (BDT) today. Please check the table to learn more about the gold price in Bangladesh Per Gram.

Qty22K Gold Rate18K Gold Rate24K Gold Rate
10gBDT 46,520.00BDT 38,060.00BDT 50,746.14
8gBDT 37,216.00BDT 30,448.00BDT 40,596.92
4gBDT 18,608.00BDT 15,224.00BDT 20,298.46
2gBDT 9,304.00BDT 7,612.00BDT 10,149.23
1gBDT 4,652.00BDT 3,806.00BDT 5,074.61

Latest Today Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori :

22 Karat Gold Price in Bangladesh97,628 (97627.68) Taka per Bhori
21 Karat Gold Price in Bangladesh93,195 (93195.36) Taka per Bhori
18 Karat Gold Price in Bangladesh79,898 (79898.4) Taka per Bhori
Shonaton (Traditional Bengali Gold) Gold Price in BD66,543 (66543.12) Taka per Bhori
today gold price in Bangladesh per vori

BAJUS Gold Price in Bangladesh Today 2024

Since 2022, Bajus has increased the price of gold at various times on various pretexts. Which is unimaginable to a buyer. And given this, it can be said that at the rate at which the price of gold is rising, we cannot imagine where it will end up.

However, the current gold price of Tk 99,560 will remain in effect until further notice from Bajus. However, if there is any update later, we will publish it on our site. Check the Live Gold price in Bangladesh today.


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Types of Gold in Bangladesh 2024

Like all things in the current market, gold, and its quality are usually divided into several categories. But it is known to everyone as a carat. For example 22 carats, 24 carats, 21 carats, 18 carats, etc. There is also a difference between these different 1-carat gold prices. However, it is generally believed that the higher the carat, the better the too. That is pure gold. So let’s know how much gold is included in carat based.

  1. 10K Gold has 41.7% pure gold.
  2. 12K Gold has 50.0%  pure gold.
  3. 14K Gold has 58.3% pure gold.
  4. 18K Gold has 75.0%  pure gold.
  5. 22K Gold has 91.7% pure gold.
  6. 24K Gold has 100% pure gold.

Also, Read,

GOLD Rate in Bangladeshi Taka

Rate (BDT)
Gold price per gram in BDT 24KGold Rate per Gram 24K6442 BDT
22K Gold price per gram in BDTGold Rate per Gram 22K6267 BDT
Gold price per Oz BDTGold Rate per Oz213438 BDT
Gold price per kilogram BDTGold Rate per KG6862967 BDT
Gold price per tola BDTGold Rate per Tola80048 BDT
Gold Rate in Bangladeshi Taka

Gold Price in Bangladesh Calculation With Gram, Ounce & Vori

When you are thinking of buying gold or want to get a detailed idea about the price of gold, it is important to know how gold is calculated. That is, how many grams is a variable or how many annas of gold is a vari, and accordingly, the price is or what.

When you want to calculate you must know the exact calculation details. So, Know the exact calculation that is usually used for  gold:

  • 1 Vori = 16 Ana
  • 1 Vori = 64.07 Ratti.
  • 1 Vori = 11.664 gram
  • 1 Gram = 1.37 Aana and 5.49 Ratti.
  • 1 Ounce = 2.43 vori
  • 1 Ounce = 31.1034768 Gram
gold rate Bangladesh GRAMS BangladeshGold Price per Gram [BDT]
in Bangladeshi taka
1 GRAM GOLD 24K7,200.527,203.897,179.6012.20
GRAM 22K6,610.086,613.176,590.8711.20
GRAM 21K6,300.466,303.406,282.1510.67
GRAM 18K5,400.395,402.925,384.709.15
GRAM 14K4,212.304,214.274,200.077.14
GRAM 10K3,002.623,004.022,993.895.09
GRAM 6K1,800.131,800.971,794.903.05

Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori & Gram: BAJUS Gold Price in Bangladesh 2024 

BAJUS  always declares the exact gold price and we all are known that price. So, Let’s know the exact price for gold with a variation of the caret in Bangladesh today 2024 : 

  1. 1 Bhori 22K Gold Price in Bangladesh is  95,439 Taka.
  2. 1 Bhori 21 Karat Gold Price in Bangladesh is 88,605 Taka. 
  3. 1 Bhori 18 Karat Gold Price in Bangladesh is 77,241 Taka.
  4. 1 Bhori Shonaton (Traditional Bengali Gold) Gold Price in BD is 61,878 Taka.
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When it’s time to know the price for 1gram Gold  in Bangladesh, then let’s know it:

Date22Ct Gold Rate24Ct Gold Rate
28-Sep-2024, Thu PMBDT 4,651.73BDT 5,074.61
28-Sep-2024, Thu AMBDT 4,653.10BDT 5,076.10
27-Sep-2024, Wed PMBDT 4,685.87BDT 5,111.86
27-Sep-2024, Wed AMBDT 4,706.35BDT 5,134.20
26-Sep-2024, Tue PMBDT 4,734.91BDT 5,165.35
26-Sep-2024, Tue AMBDT 4,747.94BDT 5,179.57
25-Sep-2024, Mon PMBDT 4,779.10BDT 5,213.56
25-Sep-2024, Mon AMBDT 4,773.39BDT 5,207.33
24-Sep-2024, Sun PMBDT 4,785.31BDT 5,220.33
24-Sep-2024, Sun AMBDT 4,785.31BDT 5,220.33
23-Sep-2024, Sat PMBDT 4,785.31BDT 5,220.33
23-Sep-2024, Sat AMBDT 4,785.31BDT 5,220.33
22-Sep-2024, Fri PMBDT 4,785.31BDT 5,220.33
22-Sep-2024, Fri AMBDT 4,782.45BDT 5,217.22

Please note that the table includes the date and time along with the corresponding values for 22-carat gold (per 1g and 8g) and 24-carat gold (per 1g and 10g).

Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Gram

  1. 1 Gram 22 Carat GOLD price is 7760 Tk.
  2. 1 Gram 21 Carat GOLD price is 7,525Tk.
  3. 1 Gram 18 Carat GOLD price is 6,565Tk.
  4. 1 Gram Sanaton GOLD price is 5,505Tk.

Gold Rate in Bangladesh
Bangladeshi taka
Rate (BDT)
Gold price per gram in BDT 24KGold Rate per Gram 24K6 742.90
22K Gold price per gram in BDTGold Rate per Gram 22K6 176.50
Gold price per Oz BDTGold Rate per Oz209 704.26
Gold price per kilogram BDTGold Rate per KG6 742 902.36
Gold price per tola BDTGold Rate per Tola78 647.8

Gold price in Bangladesh Today 2024: When does it usually increase or decrease?

Gold prices can go ups or downs at different times of the year. However, there is a higher chance of gold prices increasing at certain times of the year. Let’s find out for chances of gold prices increasing in Bangladesh :

  • At the beginning of the year. A new gold price is usually fixed at the beginning of the new year. Which usually increases most of the time.
  • Gold prices rise before various religious occasions (eg Eid, Puja).
  • The timing of budgeting by the government and the price of gold can affect this.
  • Moreover, if there is any change in the economic infrastructure of the country or the price of foreign currency increases, the price of gold in the country also increases.

We already know about the chances of gold prices increasing. But do you know when gold prices can be low? Ok, let’s know:

  • At the end of the year. All businesses usually close at the end of the year. And at this time all families are usually in a financial crisis. However, during this time the dealers usually offer different gold jewelry. Moreover, there are various plans to increase the price at this time. 
  • If the economic condition of the country is good or the economy of the country improves in the foreign market, the price of gold decreases.
  • If the condition of the stock market is good or improved, the price of gold in the country decreases.

Latest Gold Price In Bangladesh 2024(24K &22K Gold)

We are sharing here Some past dates’ prices and there you can know how the price is increasing day by day. Let’s know:

Karats of Gram GoldPrice in BDTPrice Change in BDT

22k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

22 ক্যারেটবর্তমান মূল্য
প্রতি গ্রামে8290 টাকা
প্রতি ভরিতে96694 টাকা
প্রতি আনায়6043 টাকা
প্রতি রতিতে1007 টাকা
প্রতি দশ গ্রামে82900 টাকা
প্রতি 100 গ্রামে829000 টাকা
প্রতি এক কেজিতে8290000 টাকা
22k Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

Today’s Gold Price in Bangladesh /1gram

So, you can now understand what is the current ratio of gold prices and how much is the difference with the previous one. Moreover, here we understand more about how fast the price of gold is increasing in a short period. And in that context, one thing we can say about the price of gold is that this price ratio is very likely to continue.

DatePrice in BDTChange From Previous Day (BDT)
Sep 29, 2024৳6,637.82+৳18.91
Sep 28, 2024৳6,618.91-৳40.88
Sep 27, 2024৳6,659.79-৳78.26
Sep 26, 2024৳6,738.05-৳49.65
Sep 25, 2024৳6,787.70+৳18.75
Sep 24, 2024৳6,768.95৳0.000
Sep 23, 2024৳6,768.95-৳23.31
Sep 22, 2024৳6,792.26+৳13.19
Sep 21, 2024৳6,779.06-৳40.69
Sep 20, 2024৳6,819.75+৳3.11
Sep 19, 2024৳6,816.64-৳3.98
Sep 18, 2024৳6,820.62+৳44.59
Sep 17, 2024৳6,776.03৳0.000
Sep 16, 2024৳6,776.03-৳8.26
Sep 15, 2024৳6,784.29+৳47.50
Sep 14, 2024৳6,736.80+৳0.96

Gold Price Trend in Bangladesh in Ana

Previous 30 Days Gold Price Trend in Bangladesh Per Ana

RateBDT 6,500.67BDT 5,317.17
Gold Pirce Trend in Bangladesh

Previous 30 Days Gold Price Trend Per Ana

RateBDT 6,500.67BDT 4,922.80
Latest Gold Price In Bangladesh

Previous 90 Days Gold Price Trend in Ana

RateBDT 5,500.67BDT 4,899.91
Gold Price Trend in Bangladesh per Ana

Know About How You Can Gold Jewellery without Risk In Bangladesh

We all have when it comes to buying gold. And even if we want to buy gold for that purpose, we have doubts. right? Gold will be good. Or whether to stay, different thoughts come to mind. So let’s know some tips:

  • Even if it is difficult, try to buy good quality i.e. 22k gold.
  • When it comes to buying gold, always buy from well-known and good sources.
  • Check whether the hallmark is provided at the time of purchase. For example check the 750 ppt hallmarks or Ag’, ‘Au’ etc.
  • Always take money receipts from the shop while buying gold.
  • Be aware of the gold return policy.
  • Moreover, you can also check whether there is any kind of guarantee card for buying gold. It has less risk.


Even though buying gold is our jewelry, it is the wealth of the family. So we are more or less keen to buy gold. And for this, I am anxious to know the Gold price in Bangladesh 2024 Today at different times. And for this purpose, we have tried to inform you about the current price of gold. But even if it is updated again after that, we are for you. So stay with us to get all the updates.


How much does gold cost in Bangladesh today?

Today’s gold price in Bangladesh 2024 is 1 Bhori 22K Gold 98,425 Taka, 21K Gold 90,605 TK, 18 K Gold 76,241 TK & Shonaton Gold Price is 63,878 Tk.

How will the gold rate in Bangladesh fare in the future?

Gold prices are likely to increase in the future. The price per gram would be around BDT 9100+ in 90 days. 

In Bangladesh Jewellery Stores, what are the different Gold Hallmarks?

Hallmarks used by jewelry shops in Bangladesh are 999 ( 24K gold), 958 (23K gold), 916 (22K gold), 875 (21K gold), 750 (18K gold), and 585 (14K gold).

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