Full Moon in December 2022 | Cold Moon 2022

The full Moon in December 2022 is on Wednesday, December 7, the night is an extra-special night for the people who live in the Americas, Europe, and Northern Africa. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars appear in the night sky, and the red planet disappears behind the moon for a short period of time, called Mars Occultation.

Are you interested to learn more about the full moon in December 2022 and Mars Occultation? And what makes it special to the people?

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What is the full Moon observing time?

December’s full moon reaches apex glowing on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at 11:09 P.M. EST

Select an area free from tall buildings and trees to see the full Moon. It occurs just before sunset, and December’s Full Moon is more special than other full Moons. It has a high direction in the sky, which means it will be above the horizon than the most full Moons. Find out the extra time to see the lunar event in your area by “Moonrise Calculator”

What day is the full moon in December of 2022?

The day is on Full Moon is December 7 , 2022. So it will be very important day and also spiritual day,

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What is the lunar occultation of Mars?

Mars occultation means the Moon will pass in front of Mars, and it will be visible from the Americas, Europe, and Northern Africa. The Eastern Seaboard, Gulf Coast, Appalachia, and western Alaska will NOT be able to see full occultation, but Mars will still be very close to the Moon.

We know, the Moon is much closer to the Earth than other celestial objects, and due to its large parallax, your location on earth differs from its exact position in the sky. The position of the Moon from two points on opposite sides of the Earth differs by up to two degrees or four times the diameter of the full moon.

It means that if you are in one country if the moon is aligned, it will appear to pass in front of a thing on the other side of the earth, but it will look a little bit farther south.

What is the other name for December’s full moon?

 The Other names that express December’s full moon are below

  •  Drift Clearing Moon 
  • Frost Exploding Trees Moon 
  • Moon of the Popping Trees 
  • Hoar Frost Moon 
  • Snow Moon 
  • Winter Maker Moon

Why Is It Called the Cold Moon?

“Moon names” are based on “Native American, colonial American, or other traditional sources” passed down through generations. They include a variety of animals and plants.

Sometimes, on December’s full moon, the weather is freezing. On December’s full moon, we call it “the cold moon”.

Cold Moon 2022

At the Bottom

In Europe, ancient pagans called the 12th month of the year, the full moon that precedes Yule as a “yule moon” and celebrated the solstice, the return of the sun in winter.

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The cold moon marks the last full moon event of the year. The sky gazers will want to watch the meteorite, They are bright and streaky.

I hope that people take some time to look up and think about how fortunate we are and realize that we live in an amazing place.


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