British Council Result 2022- | IELTS Result 2022

British Council Result 2022 is published on their official website. The other name of the British Council Result is the IELTS result, known to all. The examination mode of the British council is different from any other examination. British council takes the examination in four types. For example, the IELTS examination on Paper, online, UK Visa and Immigration, and people skills. So the publication of results depends on the examination mode.

In this article, we will inform you of all the information on the British Council result. In addition, we also express how to check your British Council result and what is the terms and conditions to check out the British council result, and what is the most important issue to check out the British council Result. So stay with us to gather your knowledge before checking the British council result.

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British Council Result 2022 

In this section, we will inform you British Council result 2022 online and the British council exam system with result publication in detail.

If you give your test on paper, your result will publish 13 days later from the exam date on their official website, Test Taker Portal. You can preview your result there. If you complete your test on a computer, your British Council result will publish 3-5 days later from the test given day. And you can preview your British Council result on their website Test Taker Portal. British Council exam from UK Visa and Immigration, candidates also see the result from the Test Taker Portal website.

Test Taker Portal Log-In Process of British Council

In this part, we will discuss Test Taker Portal log-in process in detail. if you want to access in Test taker Portal, you need some information like

  • Your Test Date.
  • Test center name, which is available 3 days before the test.
  • Your previous result.
  • Your payment information.
  • Your contact information.
  • Contact information of the British Council.
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Access Your British Council Result 2022

If you have taken a test you need some information to access your British Council result. The Process of login on the test taker portal is 

  • Your IELTS reference number that you have received from the test center via email.
  • Your Email ID.

If you have given a computer-delivered test, you need Your email and password to preview your result.

British Council Result Result 2022 

In this section, we will focus on the information on when you will appear with your IELTS result on Result 2022. It depends on your exam mode. Now we discuss the system of the result publication date with its exam mode. 

Result of IELTS Exam on paper

Participants can take part in the examination on paper with a pen, if any candidates give the examination in this exam mode they will check the British council result 13 days later from the exam date. The British council result will be available for 28 days on the check your British council result, you must log in to Test Taker Portal.

Result of IELTS exam on a computer

If you give your exam on a computer, the result will publish 3-5 days after the exam date. You need to log in to Test Taker Portal to check your result.

UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) IELTS exam result

The result will appear online after 13 days from the test date and Test Taker Patrol post your result online.

Life skills IELTS exam result

The result will publish after 7 days after the test is taken the day. And you will get it in Test Taker Patrol

British Council Result 2022 Physical Copy

In this part, you will learn how to collect the British Council result hard copy in a detail. You can collect a hard copy from British Council Office or from the institutions you are applying to.

  • British Council Result 2022 physical copy from British Council

The authority of the British Council informed the participants of the date and time to collect the British Council results in hard copy via SMS after completing the test. They also consider the test mode. If the participant is present late, the participant can contact the customer service team from here.[email protected] or 01- 4237700.

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Under this circumstance, candidates easily collect the hard copy of the British Council result from the British Council office. You can collect one original copy from the British council office without a fee. And there is no other scope to replace the original copy and a photocopy is not allowed to show. So be careful to save your original copy of the British council result.

  • Applying Institutions For British Council Result 2022 Physical copy

Another opportunity to collect British council results is your institution. The authority of the British Council sends 10 original British Council result copies also known as TRF (Test Report Form) to the head of the institutions you are applying. And you will charge a fee to collect more copies for your purpose. So to get the hard copy from British Council, you need to write the perfect address of the institution to which you are applying.

Finally, if you need more TRF copies you can order on test taker patrol without a fee, but it will be allowed for 2 years after the result publication date.

TRE (Test Report Form)

TRE is the actual result of your IELTS test in the British Council. It is also known as the IELTS result. You may also consider it the British Council result. You can collect TRF from the British Council office on a specific date and time. The other chance is to collect TRF from the institution, you are applying to give the test. TRF copy will show you the actual result of your test, which means you will see the IELTS score in your TRF.

TRF is only one copy so if you lose your copy that will be given from the British council or your institute you never get the replacement of the TRF.

IELTS Result 2022        

In this part, we will inform you IELTS result also known as TRF or British Council result. IELTS results appeared differently based on exam mode.if you give the exam on paper, your result will be published 13 days after the test date. if you attend the exam online, your result will appear 4-5 days after the test given date

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UK Visa and immigration IELTS exam results

 if you give the result from UK visa immigration, your result will appear online after 13 days later.

People skills IELTS result

the result will finalize after 7 days from the test date.

All modes of IELTS results will be previewed from  Test Taker Patrol, British Council website. You need to know the login system of the website to see your Result.

IELTS score meaning-  

The score is an important factor for the students who give their exam, so you would be awarded about IELTS  score. IELTS score depends on proficiency in English. The test is held in four sections reading, listening, speaking, and writing and your TRF will show each of the four skills.

Calculation of scores in IELTS result

SpeakingReadingWritingListeningSum/ 4 =AverageBand scoreRounded 4 = 6.256.5 4 = 3.8754.0 4 = 6.1256.0

British Council Result 2022 validity

In this section, we will inform you British council’s result validity. Whether you test on paper or on the computer, your result has validity for a specific time. That means your British council result will be expired for a specific period of time. The validity of your British council result is 2 years from the publishing date of your result. British Council does not increase the time of TRF.

British Council Result 2022 Re-marked

In this part, we will show you how can your British Council result re-marked. The IELTS result re-marked is not an easy process. First, you need to connect with the team’s customer service. You need to apply for re-marking no later than 6 weeks .you need to submit an inquiry on the result from that you will find test taker portal. You will also attract the prof and the payment, and finally, you see your result 2 to 21 days later on their website.


We are at the final step of the post, at the above we try to find out the British Council result check 2022. We also share a lot of information about the British Council exam known as the IELTS exam or TRF. Not only that, but we also inform you of the validity of your British council result and other information. Now is your time to check your British council result perfectly.


Q-When will I get my online?

A-if you complete your test on paper, you will preview your result 13 days later from the test date. If you complete your exam on online or a computer, you will find your result 3-5 days later than the exam date.

Q-When will I get a physical copy of my result?

Answer: copy will be released after completing the publication of your result. Test on paper takes 13 days to publish the hard copy of your result, and testing on the computer takes 3-5 days to publish your result. To collect your physical copy, you need to go to the British Council office or the institution you are applying.

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