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Today we bring to you some important topics, to celebrate the Great Victory Day. Which you are going to search for very soon. We bring to you Bangladesh Victory Day SMS, Wishes, Status, Greetings, and Images on the occasion of Great Victory Day. In this independent Bangladesh of ours, the importance of the Great Victory Day is one of the most important for Bengalis. We consider this day the most precious day every year. In 1971, Pakistan gained independence from the invading Pakistani forces after nine months of fighting. On December 16, 1971, Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan. That’s why we celebrate this day every year by different groups.

Where did the day of 16th December come from? Everyone celebrates this day to tell the Bengalis. On this day loved ones celebrate some moments together as a family. In 1975, the official declared a holiday to celebrate this day. For this reason, they give SMS to their loved ones to express themselves or express their wishes through some SMS. Dear friends, I would like to inform you in this register that I am going to tell the best history of Bengali ever on the occasion of Great Victory Day.

Bangladesh Victory Day SMS, Quote, Status

16th December 2022 Like every year Bangladesh is going to celebrate the Great Victory Day this year too. Bangladesh celebrates this day since its liberation from Pakistani forces in 1971. Therefore, this day has been officially declared a national holiday since 1972.

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Bengalis celebrate this day in remembrance of their martyrs. As a doa mahfil on the 60 target martyrs, Milayatan is celebrated all over Bangladesh. On the occasion of this victory day, you express yourself to your friends through SMS. So those of you who are trying to download Victory Day SMS, Messages, Status SMS. They have definitely come to the right place. In this registration, you can collect SMS, status, and message all update status from our website.

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Bangladesh Victory Day SMS 2022

  1. Those who love this country are true patriots. If you love the country then the people of the country will love you.
  2. This country has lost thousands of children, 1 war 9 months 7 heroes 1 country meaning 1971 Great Victory Day greetings and.
  3. This soil is made with the blood of thousands of martyrs, and the tears of thousands of mothers are wet with water, and we can never forget.
  4. We will never let this country lose the blood of martyrs in vain. By celebrating this victory, I want to keep their fragrance in the soil of this country for thousands of years. Who fought for the country for 9 long months.
  5. Today is the day of great victory, despite the continuation of bloodshed for 9 long months. We have achieved independence in this country. This country has earned the red-green flag for the blood of about (30 goals) martyrs.
  6. This victory has determined our purpose of living. Today we have loved this country in exchange for hundreds of millions of martyrs.
  7. If your dream begins in you, ends in you. But you love my Bangladesh. Happy Victory Day Bangladesh.
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If you love this country, then those who gave their lives for this country must be worth it. The red and green leaves of this country mentioned the 9 months long blood war through whom. Which Bengalis have achieved with much difficulty.

Bijoy Dibosh Status

  • December 16 is a penitent one for this nation. Because 30 goals have been stained with the blood of martyrs.
  • On the occasion of December 16, everyone across the country came together in friendship for the country.
  • On December 16, 1971, those who sacrificed their lives for the country of this independent Bangladesh. Mourning their souls through the mahfil.
  • We pray for them all. We remember you with deep respect. Happy Victory Day to all.

Bangladesh Victory Day SMS 2022

The nation has had enough of enemies, let us not add to it by fighting amongst each other. Happy victory day of Bangladesh

_Bangladesh is rich in culture and heritage. Rulers wanted to play with it and hence were thrown out of the country.

_Any intruder who has the slightest intention of disrupting the country should read the history book once again and know about the Victory day of Bangladesh. We are a force to beware of!

_Bangladesh is home to the most culture-rich people of the world. Their independence helped them spread their culture and art to other parts of the world as well.

_You cannot cage a wild bird and so you cannot cage Bangladesh. It is a country flying high with dreams and thriving to betterment every moment.

_We struggled our way to freedom and we are never going to easily let it away! Happy victory day of Bangladesh

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_Our country became independent not so easily. This country became independent through the struggle of hundreds of mothers. Whom we will never forget.

Victory Day Status

  • 16th December is a historic day of remembrance for the nation.
  • On 16th December, we all celebrate the auspicious Victory Day. Bangladesh has been celebrated since 1972.
  • Victory people are beautiful, victory means celebration, victory means innovation, and victory means friendship started.
  •  Happy wishes for Bijoy Dibosh to everyone.

Victory Day Quotes Bangladesh

  • We will all celebrate Victory Day by maintaining a safe distance.
  • All of us are going to have a safe 2022 celebration.
  • Today I am blessed as a nation.
  • To move this country forward, students must come first. Because students can change this country.
  • We can, as a nation, let us be conscious of what we can do to make our nation a place of wealth, peace, and happiness. Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and happy Victory Day 2022.
  • Today we have come to Rajpath to pay tribute to the best of our nation. By sacrificing their lives, this country gained independence.

Is Bangladesh’s Independence Day 16th of December

No, we will never forget. In 1971, the students of Dhaka University fought for the people of this country for 9 long months. We can never give them credit. That’s why on December 16, and March 26, doa mahfil is held for the martyrs across the country Check the history of victory day in details..

He took the hands of the students and gained their freedom. We will never forget their glory.

When is Victory Day in Bangladesh?

Ans: Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan on 16 December 1971. So, December 16 is the Victory Day of Bangladesh.

How is 16th December Celebrated?

 Ans: People of Bangladesh Celebrate this day with great joy. This day (16th December) is a public holiday for Bangladeshi.

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